Snorkelling off the coast of Karachi, amidst blue waters of the Arabian Sea – Churna Island

Divers Reef Karachi, started of as an informal initiative of a group of young students of Iqra University – doctors, pro swimmers, campers, troubleshooters. Soon, it turned into a business offering snorkelling facility to the countries populace. In this photo, you can see Churna Island amidst the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi. It is a gifted marine park where you have all sorts of fishes from Dolphins, Sea urchins, Barracudas, Hound fish, Marlin, Angel fish, Turtles, Parrot fish, Sea Anemones, Jelly fish, Puffer fish and things that are just beyond the word “Beautiful”. I saw Dolphins myself twice during my trip and it was an exhilarating first-hand experience to see under-water marine life, in our own country, at such nominal cost. In this time of turmoil, these kinds of initiatives helps project the overwhelming beauty of Pakistan and specially shows the drive of our young generation who cannot be lead to despair, instead they strive to do wonders with minimal of resources and adverse conditions.

The cost of this trip was a meagre Rs.2000 (US$20) per person and they usually take gathering of 20 persons per trip. You can visit following site for more information:

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Talk about change ? – Selecting election candidates

What should we expect from the leaders, who claim to serve us through winning election ?Here is what an educated and aware citizens would expect, from candidates who’re running for elections.

They should be either graduates from IBA, LUMS, FAST, NED, DMC, or Harvard, SLOAN, Wharton, USC, Cambridge, London, or similar institutions. There are thousands of such individuals in Pakistan, if not millions… Why shouldn’t they be given chance, if they’re interested to serve ?

How about position holders from Karachi University in Political Science, as Prime/Minister ? Or a PhD in comparative religious studies from IIU for FM for Religious Affairs ? Or several hundred philanthropist as education, health ministers ? What about Edhi ?

Publish Profiles:
We want the profiles of candidates published, enlisting their education, achievements and specifically public service engagements throughout their career…  Not to mention, integrity, honesty and vision, are the traits the country needs badly. From the perspective of Pakistan, the candidate should be aware of Islamic laws and practicing muslim, since he/she is supposed to run a 97% muslim majority nation.

What Not to Look For:

Although, communication, debating and personality is important in every aspect of life, but these should not be the sole criteria while choosing the leader. Secondly, we should choose the vision, manifesto (of the party), the party platform, as opposed to choosing the leader alone or voting on the party’s brand value. Look for the substance, and not get carried away by the publicity stunts.

An Aware citizen of Pakistan!

Pakistan Election 2013: Ignorant masses still befooled of their rights

If you wanne see the pakistani version of the demise of capitalistic democracy, read this article (from Dawn) to know how parties win election.Unless, we have literate majority, who knows their own rights and knows the responsibility of the political leaders, they’ll continue to be duped and we’ll continue to see thugs ruling us.

“To find the winner in any given constituency, you don’t necessarily have to look at the numbers. Just listen carefully to voters’ stories and identify the guy who is respected and feared, or sometimes loved and hated, in equal parts — that’s your guy, the thug-winner.”

Racism is eroding our society: Major hinderance to our progress


Another difference between prosperous/developed nations and backward nations, the later suffers from a high degree of racism. I don’t mean to suggest, developed nations don’t have racism problem, but they have learned its evil effect early on. Remember the KKK movement of US ? Apartheid system in South Africa.  Racism was so abhorrent in the past, with all the hate, fightings and bloodsheds, they learned that there is no benefit in fighting on the basis of race. Then we saw a series of laws bring justice and equality, restricting preferences based on race, color, religion, descent, ethnic origin or caste. They developed laws like equal opportunity employers, hate crime laws, affirmative action, to restrict discrimination from every sphere of life.

Treatment of Immigrants:

You cannot ignore the fact, how accommodating the majority of developed nations are towards immigrants. Agreed, they see it’s benefits, but could that be possible, without their society’s acceptance of other nationals/races ? Look at us, for example, how we treat foreigners in Pakistan ? Bengalis, Indians or Christians for that matter ? Pakistani society suffers from a high degree of racism.

Politics based on Racism:

Take a look at our political parties, the major ones are – PML, PPP, MQM, ANP, with no manifesto but promoting their respective races. I’m sure you know the vote bank of all these parties, that together constitutes our whole population. I’m told that we’ve to thank Bhutto for dividing us like that, which we couldn’t recover from, to date. I am sure there would be others before him, who encashed on this race based politics in Pakistan. Do you know the criteria, our ignorant majority have been using to choose the election candidate, over the past several decades? Even if we keep the fake votes and suppressed votes aside, there are a significant number of population, who just vote based on their casts, or ‘baradari’, ‘sardar’, or ethnic background or mother-tongue.


I see largely, illiteracy as one of the reason. check this fact: Over two-thirds of the world’s 793 million illiterate adults are found in only eight countries (Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Pakistan). Quota system is another major factor that became the foundation of racism in Pakistan, with the injustice in income distribution, injustice in job hirings and tax collection, and specially resource distribution, resulted in widespread hate in the society, based on their respective races. So, much so that the worst hit (Balochistan), almost revolted against the writ of Pakistan, with numerous operations and wars already fought, and on going. Quota system is a fatal act committed against us, decades ago, to divide us, that has breed nothing but hatred. I have written another post on Quota system and it’s woes, here you can read also. We were easy victims, because of our lack of education (read knowledge of our values). It would be in the interest of our enemies, that we maintain hate and keep dividing ourselves, otherwise, there is no sane benefit to group ourselves into various races, colors, ethnicities, sects or languages. I think, all of these have their own purpose, not that we use it to fight each other is useless.


Lets understand this and spread the message of universal brotherhood and do your part in spreading this message to the ignorant majority. Government should enforce policies and repudiate laws governing Quota system from colleges, universities, every governmental institutions and their hiring processes and resource/fund distribution. Government should take into account the rights of every constituency, making sure no injustice is committed, where every decision is made on the larger interest of the nation. Further smaller constituencies should be established to govern. Our culture and values and religion, does not allow any place for either hatred or discrimination, based on races or any other way. So, once we stop hating each other, and instead have time to think about finding ways to overcome other challenges, there is no dearth of resources or skills or intelligent people, that no one can stop us from progressing. Let us develop universal brotherhood.

NB: Islam doesn’t have any place for differentiating races as superior, inferior or more/less desirable etc..

“O Mankind! Most certainly, it is We( God almighty) who have Created you all from a single (pair) Of a male and a female, And it is we who have made you into Nations and tribes, That ye may recognize each other (Not that ye may despise each other). Verily, the noblest of you In the sight of Allah Is (he who is) the most Righteous of you.”

Holy Quran 49:13

1400 years ago our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person, except in piety.”

Who’re the real movers and shakers in Pakistan ?

In a capitalist democracy, no matter who you think controls the reigns of the country, these are the ones, who’re the movers and shakers in Pakistan (in addition to external forces)… – Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha Pakistan 
Ranking: 1, Worth: £1.25b ($2.5billion), Industry: Businessman
2 – Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan
Ranking: 2, Worth: £900m ($1.8billion), Industry: Politics
3 – Sir Anwar Pervaiz UK
Ranking: 3, Worth: £750m ($1.5billion), Industry: Businessman
4- Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif family Saudi Arabia/Pakistan
Ranking: 4, Worth: £700m ($1.4billion), Industry: Politics/Businessman
5 – Saddaruddin Hashwani Pakistan
Ranking: 5, Worth: £550m ($1.1billion), Industry: Businessman
6 – Nasir Schon & family U.A.E/Pakistan
Ranking: 6, (tied at 6) Worth: £500m ($1billion), Industry: Businessman
7 – Abdul Razzaq Yakoub & family U.A.E
Ranking: 6 (tied at 6), Worth: £500m ($1billion), Industry: Businessman
8 – Rafiq Habib & Rasheed Habib Pakistan
Ranking: 7, Worth: £450m ($900), Industry: Businessman
9 – Tariq Saigol & Nasim Saigol Pakistan
Ranking: 8, Worth: £425m ($850), Industry: Businessman
10 – Dewan Yousaf Farooqui Pakistan
Ranking: 9 (tied at 9), Worth: £400m ($800), Industry: Businessman

Musharraf’s return: How our naive majority reacts to it ?

He did not amass billions, established 20-30 mills in his name, had a cut in govt. deals, stashed money in foreign banks, instead he grew country to a historic level, reduced IMF reliance, brought back people from abroad(reversed brain-drain for the first time in decades), and instead of settling in a foreign country as a prince, came back again to serve the nation, how foooool!

Sorry to say, but only from such person, I would expect considering coming back. And with no money, and no support of ‘ghundays’ of the local constituencies, he thinks, he stands a chance of getting elected in today’s corrupt political system.. And on top, expecting justice from current judiciary, lol!

We need to understand the difference between growing economy, making media independent, improving telecom facility, bringing the likes of Dr. Ata ur Rehman, cultivating PhD’s in the market versus making caged bus lane across the streets as small as of Lahore(again business, hint: steel), making it one of a kind in the world 🙂 to have a dedicated bus lane.

Our 80% ignorant masses 🙂 would be easily coaxed to settle for the thugs again, if we the educated minority still don’t speak out!

PM’s achievements, if the majority could understand/remember that:

Feudalism: Is that in any party’s manifesto ?

Our fundamental problem is ignorance/illiteracy/education.
The root cause of that problem is Feudalism.

Which party has a plan to address that, in their manifesto ?

It’s not a rocket science, the problems we face today in Pakistan, are solved 50 or 100 years ago by other countries…

If you wanne see the pakistani version of the demise of capitalistic democracy, read this article (from Dawn) to know how parties win election.Unless, we have literate majority, who knows their own rights and knows the responsibility of the political leaders, they’ll continue to be duped and we’ll continue to see thugs ruling us.

“To find the winner in any given constituency, you don’t necessarily have to look at the numbers. Just listen carefully to voters’ stories and identify the guy who is respected and feared, or sometimes loved and hated, in equal parts — that’s your guy, the thug-winner.”