Feudalism: Is that in any party’s manifesto ?

Our fundamental problem is ignorance/illiteracy/education.
The root cause of that problem is Feudalism.

Which party has a plan to address that, in their manifesto ?

It’s not a rocket science, the problems we face today in Pakistan, are solved 50 or 100 years ago by other countries…

If you wanne see the pakistani version of the demise of capitalistic democracy, read this article (from Dawn) to know how parties win election.Unless, we have literate majority, who knows their own rights and knows the responsibility of the political leaders, they’ll continue to be duped and we’ll continue to see thugs ruling us.

“To find the winner in any given constituency, you don’t necessarily have to look at the numbers. Just listen carefully to voters’ stories and identify the guy who is respected and feared, or sometimes loved and hated, in equal parts — that’s your guy, the thug-winner.”



One thought on “Feudalism: Is that in any party’s manifesto ?

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