Musharraf’s return: How our naive majority reacts to it ?

He did not amass billions, established 20-30 mills in his name, had a cut in govt. deals, stashed money in foreign banks, instead he grew country to a historic level, reduced IMF reliance, brought back people from abroad(reversed brain-drain for the first time in decades), and instead of settling in a foreign country as a prince, came back again to serve the nation, how foooool!

Sorry to say, but only from such person, I would expect considering coming back. And with no money, and no support of ‘ghundays’ of the local constituencies, he thinks, he stands a chance of getting elected in today’s corrupt political system.. And on top, expecting justice from current judiciary, lol!

We need to understand the difference between growing economy, making media independent, improving telecom facility, bringing the likes of Dr. Ata ur Rehman, cultivating PhD’s in the market versus making caged bus lane across the streets as small as of Lahore(again business, hint: steel), making it one of a kind in the world 🙂 to have a dedicated bus lane.

Our 80% ignorant masses 🙂 would be easily coaxed to settle for the thugs again, if we the educated minority still don’t speak out!

PM’s achievements, if the majority could understand/remember that:


One thought on “Musharraf’s return: How our naive majority reacts to it ?

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