Talk about change ? – Selecting election candidates

What should we expect from the leaders, who claim to serve us through winning election ?Here is what an educated and aware citizens would expect, from candidates who’re running for elections.

They should be either graduates from IBA, LUMS, FAST, NED, DMC, or Harvard, SLOAN, Wharton, USC, Cambridge, London, or similar institutions. There are thousands of such individuals in Pakistan, if not millions… Why shouldn’t they be given chance, if they’re interested to serve ?

How about position holders from Karachi University in Political Science, as Prime/Minister ? Or a PhD in comparative religious studies from IIU for FM for Religious Affairs ? Or several hundred philanthropist as education, health ministers ? What about Edhi ?

Publish Profiles:
We want the profiles of candidates published, enlisting their education, achievements and specifically public service engagements throughout their career…  Not to mention, integrity, honesty and vision, are the traits the country needs badly. From the perspective of Pakistan, the candidate should be aware of Islamic laws and practicing muslim, since he/she is supposed to run a 97% muslim majority nation.

What Not to Look For:

Although, communication, debating and personality is important in every aspect of life, but these should not be the sole criteria while choosing the leader. Secondly, we should choose the vision, manifesto (of the party), the party platform, as opposed to choosing the leader alone or voting on the party’s brand value. Look for the substance, and not get carried away by the publicity stunts.

An Aware citizen of Pakistan!


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