What is a Brand? Simplified

2011 Toyota Corolla photographed in USA. Categ...

2011 Toyota Corolla Silver sedans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012 Honda Civic photographed in Centreville, ...

2012 White Honda Civic sedans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout my childhood, I have been very much into cars. I could tell, just by looking a side view of any car, its make and model. If I recall last 10 or so models from both Honda and Toyota, which they introduced into the Pakistani market, I never liked any models of Toyota (Corolla), with one or two exceptions, while I always liked all models of Honda (City/Civic), except one or two. That’s branding ! They’ve created their own distinctive brands. Despite the fact they change models and designs, but they keep on theme or I should say style, which matches my psyche.

Obviously, this is old classical definition Now brands don’t carry as much a particular style that I mention above, that’s why they resort to labelling, with their names or logos on their products to identify their brand.


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