2 or 3 parties or hundreds to choose from while voting ?

It’s too late for that, but nevertheless, I would say it, there shouldn’t be hundreds of parties to choose from, for the individual voters. There should be either two or three max for the citizens to vote. If now everyone gets little bit of seats of their share, they’ll start wrangling and fighting. If there’s no way to avoid so many parties, they should’ve made alliance cordially, beforehand and come up with 2-3 parties to vote for and make the life easy for the voters. Read about Malasian political alliance parties here.

Another reason for alliance before the result is that, before election you join hands based on your compatibility of your respective ideologies, mutual coexistence and the voters know who they’re voting, who’ll eventually make the government. When making alliance after elections, they do it, mainly on vote bank and people go, what! I didn’t vote for him…

It’s very easy to derail a nation, by dividing them into races, ethnicity, color, language and religion. And then you don’t need to do anything else, except watch them destroy each other.

United we stand!


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