Experience being old, before being old


You wonder how life would be like when you’re old. Observe when you’re ill, eg fever, how do you feel:

  • You feel weak, loss of strength to take any initiative
  • You get a break from worldly affairs, and finally get time for yourself, but you lack energy to do things to pass time now.
  • You try to sleep, sleep and sleep, to overcome this condition or to pass time, but that too leaves you on your own
  • You don’t want a delicious food, as it all tastes the same and you eat just because it’s time to eat
  • You take medicines to make your body do normal things, which used to work just fine that you never cared about and now you need it to – normalize body temperature, normalize breathing pattern and normalize digestion process.
  • You get upset for no reason, you try to be angry, but you lack energy.
  • You cherish your loved ones more and well wishers
  • You tend to spend more time with your loved ones
  • You lose interest in worldly affairs and the hustle-bustle and you want calm and serenity.
  • You have to take help from others, which otherwise you do yourself
  • You do not have energy to control everything happening around you and agree to go with everything (that you previously disliked)
  • You realise how powerless you are that you can’t even control your body temperature, if that just increases 3-4 degrees
  • You think about life as a whole, what you did and what you should have done or shouldn’t have
  • and finally you wait getting out of this condition…

Now, you can read these points again, thinking as if you are old (and not ill) and you will realize that, it’s what you’ll feel when you get old, except the last point, where you would not want to get out of this condition, since the next stage is death, which again is also a big reality every human would taste, yet we tend to forget, while being strong, healthy and powerful.  Think!

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