Hate > Divide > Fight > Enslave > Rule – Simple ?

Hatred leads to Division, which leads to Fighting, that makes you weaker, which leads to your Enslavement and then finally, you are Ruled. This is a fairly simple strategy, known as “Divide & Rule” (said to be used by Philip II, King of Macedon (back in 382-336 BC), but I guess it is part of human nature, that humans fall for it rather easily. As the conspirators started to use the strategy, some 1000 years ago, and unfortunately, it still works in the 21st century. It’s human nature, that people tend to get emotional and angry with the differing views. Everyone wants to convince others, he/she is right. I think, the biggest challenge we face today, is the authenticity of information (thanks to – Disinformation). That is the root cause of all the arguments, fights and wars. Every party believes in the opposite, to be true. But the problem arises, when everyone tries to convince its version to others and specially use force later on. If we accept the fact that it is fairly difficult to get to the absolute truth, even if you do, others might not necessarily believe you, so why can’t you live together peacefully while still having different opinions ? Instead of arguing and fighting ?

divide and rule

Never underestimate the power of hate and divide & conquer conspirators. It specially works when people are ignorant about their fundamentals and go with the flow. Read the history – Jews vs Christians, vs Muslims, Israeli vs. Palestinians, Democrats vs. Republicans, South vs. North Korea, East vs. West Germany, Shia vs. Sunni, white vs. black, Arab vs. Non-arabs, India vs. Pakistan and so on. If you read history, you know very well, what was the outcome of that division and hate. And many of these divisions exists today, which makes me wonder, we still fall for it naively. We are same human being, created by the same God (we call by different names). It is very simple, as long as you know, you are hating, you are at a loss.

If I apply it to Pakistan, Establishment couldn’t misuse ruling powers, if the nation (us) live together in peace (without hate). I won’t name here, but there are so many examples, like TV hosts, Singers, Politicians, Cricket players, sects, being hated so ruthlessly, that actually compelled me to write this blog post. We were taught to follow the straight path, as prescribed by Quran and Hadith, but instead of reading that, we make difference out of our free will, judgement and desires and end up being stupidly enslaved eventually, at the hands of few people on earth. It has become almost popular culture to hate certain people here. Indeed one stark difference, between West and us, we fall rather easily for hate. Let’s try to hate less, as a starter, shall we…

love hate

Love and hate has complete different directions. Lets stop hate and start loving people. Even if you think, someone is bad, let’s stop hating them, instead love their good characteristics and instead appreciate good people more. Find common terms among yourself and ignore the differences. Rest assured, you will see the change yourself, where you will have peace and unity and nobody would be able to fool you around or subdue you, when you are one and stand for each other.

Love more and hate less!


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