Don’t Ignore These 5 Virtual Communication Rules

Quite useful tips for our virtual conversations.

Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent

miscommunicationsMiscommunications is still one of the main problems in the workplace.  Heck, it might be one of the main problems in life.  Add the inability to see a person’s reactions and expressions first hand, and you have an even larger potential for misunderstanding of what the other person is trying to tell you.  Email, texting, phone calls and teleconferences all miss the visual cues that we are used to and that help us understand what someone is ‘really’ saying to us.

The New Media Consortium, in a white paper titled “Social Networking, The “Third Place,” and The Evolution of Communications,” (2007) said that the lack of the “visual component” in virtual communications has created both challenges and opportunities when it comes to the new environments of communications. I agree with that. Though we may lose body cues when we are not face to face with someone (seeing someone’s ‘body’ helps us understand whether the other person is listening…

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