911: This changed everything?



twin20towers20picsI remember listening to the initial news commentary on September 11, 2001 when the twin towers were first being hit.  I still remember a comment that a news anchor made.  He said that “this changes everything”.  I remember thinking “How does he know?”.  After all, the event just took place, and the Patriot Act wasn’t passed until much later.  The NSA spying wasn’t revealed until later.   I wasn’t the only one who noticed that comment being made and repeated and repeated.  As you will read in the article at this link, others also noticed that subtle implication being uttered by the media machines of those darkened souls who wanted our freedom.  I even spoke out as a national radio announcer around the end of September in 2001, and I stated that the War on Terror’s definition of “terrorist” might include anyone who is willing to die for their…

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