PIA: What choices we have as a citizen

If we analyze the situation regarding PIA (Pakistan International Airline), our national carrier, here are the options we as the end user of PIA have: 

1. Let 19000+ largely incompetent employees continue to degrade the quality of service, which is at bare minimum, say 3 on a scale of 10 (10 being best). But quality enough to qualify aviation operating standards. 

2. Let 2-3 politicians/businessmen eat the goose that lays the golden eggs and up the service to 4, while still being monopoly, just like PTCL and KE. 

So, it’s confusing choice, makes no difference in our lives. I’d still go with 1, as it would at least feed 19k families. Shouldn’t we address the root cause instead of serving personal gains? – Disband nepotism and quota system from government institutions. Enforce merit! Control monopoly, and instead encourage competition and new players. 

Had the govt being sincere ever, they would have gradually fired all incompetent employees or trained them, instead of trying to sell off the problem, on the direction of IMF (our sworn enemy). If we the Pakistani can make PIA the worlds best airline, where Emirates and Singapore and several other airlines learned from, we can again make it better ourselves, without any foreign buyer or leader. There just have to be a genuine will – address the root cause. End quota system!