Knowledge is power! — anonymous

About the Blog:

With the advent of the Information Age, we have a plethora of information available at our disposal, accessible within seconds of its happening, eg through social media. But recently, for financial and geopolitical reasons, there is also a huge rise in biased information, juggled within the information superhighway, which we call – Disinformation. So much so, it is now virtually impossible, for an average person, to get to the true information and know, what is correct and what is prejudiced or propaganda. I have started blogging recently (since Mar 2013), to do my part in spreading unbiased information (‘Truth’  – to the best of my effort and understanding) or at least show the alternate view with validations, to the people at large. That’s how I thought, I could contribute to the society, leveraging my skills, knowledge and experience. This blog encompasses anything and everything, as long as it is some useful information serving as an awareness. Let’s enlighten and empower every human being.


About the Author:

I am an IT professional with a Computer Science education. I was always inquisitive from childhood and whenever I learned something good, I always tend to share that knowledge. Blogging turns out to be a best medium to share knowledge/views. I mostly write to inform ‘Truth’, with reasoning and the subject mostly spans welfare of the society.

When young, I was called ‘cheetah’, Urdu slang for someone good in technology. I try to get deeper into the subjects of my interest. That encompasses mostly technology. Over the years, I have developed this skills of researching information on the net and that way, I also learned the ability, of how to gather true information from a plethora of cooked up information. Due to the turmoil in the world, the woes of the tyrannical governments, unrest in the societies and the effects of global politics, I have developed more interest in politics, society, welfare, current affairs, religion, apart from nature, travel, business and psychology subjects, on which I have started to write about, as opposed to my IT, which is my forte.

You’ll mostly find me siding with the oppressed, that includes naive, illiterate, underprivileged and the ones actually subjugated and physically oppressed. My motto here is to learn something good, and pass it on. There is reward for kindness to every living thing. I hope someone somewhere would benefit from my posts and spread the word and we have a happier world. 

You are more than welcome to share your point of view and follow, or comment on my blog posts. And like I always say, if you find anything useful, do share with others, through liking or copying the link in your social forums like Facebook, Twitter etc. and share your feedback to me. Let’s be a better person and make this world a better place!
Happy Sharing!


Disclaimer: “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent my organization’s positions, strategies or opinions.”


2 thoughts on “About

    • You’re welcome. I find this blogging world interesting. Though I am IT professional, but I tend to care more about non-IT area now, as most of the people today need help here – politics, society, justice, government, etc.

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