Warm bed in winters

It has started to be colder here. I’m lying in the comfort of my bed, under warm blanket, writing this. I just recalled a night, while in picnic long time back, at some farmhouse and I remember there were too many people and during sleep time, there were less bed to accomodate. So, everyone sought whatever space they can get – corner of a bed or cushion or sofa or carpet. I ended up on carpet as well. The unusual part was that, it was winter and we didn’t have enough sheets or blankets to cover us during sleep. It didn’t feel that cold during talking or activities together, we were fine without using overcoats or covers. But I remember, while sleeping, I had really hard time sleeping. As by nature we need to be on warm before we can sleep. As you know, our body temperature drops during sleep, so that we relax easily and rest. And only then, I could relate to the fact, how poor people would sleep daily, many under the open sky. Always cherish what you have and always be thankful and try helping others with whatever resources you’re blessed with. Be comfy! Happy winter!

Why is SINDHRI the sweetest mango in the world – The magical secret

the king of fruits!


They are a generous size….and sweet but not sickeningly, so you can have more than one, unlike any of it’s more sugary counterparts….other mangoes may be more sugary but none is sweeter than the Sindhri to me. Or may it is just the Sindh running through my veins that gives me biased taste buds. It doesn’t have irritating fibres that get stuck between the teeth….it allows itself to be eaten in so many forms…You can slice it, cube it, blend it. It is such a cooperative variety.

But then, can we really blame it for being so amiable?

It is from the land we call Mehran…..and so the Sindhri is a reflection of the people that sow it and care for it and pluck it off trees and keep it wrapped in hay shreds till the green becomes a vibrant yellow, bit by bit.


Sure, it has it’s shortcomings like…

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Mother’s love…

Mummy asks me sometimes, to massage her feet to take away the pain. I wondered, when my sisters perform this often (women being gentle by nature), when she still asks me, then I realized eventually, mummy only asks me, so that I earn some swab (blessings) through such deeds. Can you possibly, think about returning her back….

No wonder, women (mothers) are placed 3 times at a higher rank than men (fathers)..

DEL PARSON painting

Snorkelling off the coast of Karachi, amidst blue waters of the Arabian Sea – Churna Island

Divers Reef Karachi, started of as an informal initiative of a group of young students of Iqra University – doctors, pro swimmers, campers, troubleshooters. Soon, it turned into a business offering snorkelling facility to the countries populace. In this photo, you can see Churna Island amidst the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi. It is a gifted marine park where you have all sorts of fishes from Dolphins, Sea urchins, Barracudas, Hound fish, Marlin, Angel fish, Turtles, Parrot fish, Sea Anemones, Jelly fish, Puffer fish and things that are just beyond the word “Beautiful”. I saw Dolphins myself twice during my trip and it was an exhilarating first-hand experience to see under-water marine life, in our own country, at such nominal cost. In this time of turmoil, these kinds of initiatives helps project the overwhelming beauty of Pakistan and specially shows the drive of our young generation who cannot be lead to despair, instead they strive to do wonders with minimal of resources and adverse conditions.

The cost of this trip was a meagre Rs.2000 (US$20) per person and they usually take gathering of 20 persons per trip. You can visit following site for more information:


More photos: https://www.facebook.com/DiversReefKarachi/photos_stream

(1) some of this content were taken from following website: http://www.diversreefkarachi.com/?page_id=84