Watch for Facebook’s bug exposing your personal photos publically

I was told the other day by a friend, that my hundreds of photos, in which I am tagged, are visible publicly, to people who aren’t even friends on Facebook. For quite some time, I argued in denial that how is it even possible. But finally when she showed me the photos she can see, I was like, what the heck ? Such a blatant error ? The photos which I’ve kept as private, visible to only my family, is all visible to public at large. This is ridiculous. I searched on the net and found that this bug is still not addressed by Facebook. There are numerous people asking about it on the Facebook community forum, all unanswered, unresolved, some as long as 6 months old questions. People themselves found some workaround, which I used as well. If you change the Language setting from US (EN) to UK (EN), it would disable that search feature and effectively won’t show the photos.

I don’t mean that you misuse someone’s privacy, but just to let you know, that there is a flaw. If you type someone’s name in the top field on Facebook page (who’s not your friend), and once the name comes up in the list, you select it. Once that person’s name opens, hit that field again (which should have that name already in it) and you’ll see a drop-down, with a list of options, eg Photos of xxx person, Photos by xxx person, Likes of xxx person, and so on, as show in the image below. You click ‘Photos of xxx person’ and viola, you have all his/her photos, nomatter public or private.

Be careful with what you post and share on Facebook and change the language setting to UK (EN), till the time Facebook resolves this error. Feel free the spread the message.

The sound of falling left or right

Find if you’re left brain or right brain mostly:


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” ~ Albert Einstein

pedalpower65 / 22 hours ago

Daniel H. Pink, author of several bestselling books about the changing work world, drew on international research regarding left brainers vs. right brainers and compiled it in his book A Whole New Mind.

“The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, is sequential, specializes in text, and analyzes the details,” writes Pink. “The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body, is simultaneous, specializes in context, and synthesizes the big picture.”

Lead Life Institute’s founder and author of Right Brain/Left Brain Leadership and Right Brain/Left Brain President Dr. Mary Lou Décosterd further describes the differences between right and left brainers: “You could say that left brainers are more focused on the here and now.They are more verbal, tangible (need to see it to…

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How to Eat Healthy and Feel Great at the Airport

Quite useful tips!

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Proper nutrition while flying is a difficulty many travelers face across the globe. Specific food habits restrict people from getting the required nutrition during journey. Many airports have an awesome selection of cuisine to choose from, but it’s easy to head for the junk food when you’re stressed out and in a hurry. This means that it’s vital to plan ahead, with a strategy for eating healthy when you’re traveling by air. With the following guide, you’ll be prepared to eat well and feel better during your next trip.

Don’t Leave with an Empty Stomach

Entering an airport food court on an empty stomach is like grocery shopping while hungry. Before you leave for the airport, take time to eat a nourishing, well-balanced meal that will last you until you’re on the plane.


Choose slow-digesting protein as the center of this meal, but be…

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2 Steps To Understanding Your Hard and Soft Skills

Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent

Player_runsSocial Presence is about putting your best foot forward… but you need to know which foot that is.  Only when you are clear on what skills you possess can you really paint a good picture of yourself online.

Today we are going to talk about the two types of skills that are critical to your success in business, your HARD and SOFT skills. Your Attitude Adjustment Homework will help you hone in on both so that you will be able to highlight them in your online profiles.

I find that people tend to define themselves more by the technical and business hard skills that they have, rather than the strengths of their personality that are defined by the soft skills.  They lead with their business titles, not with their strengths.

Human Resource people say “it may be your hard skills that get you the interview, but it is…

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What is a Brand? Simplified

2011 Toyota Corolla photographed in USA. Categ...

2011 Toyota Corolla Silver sedans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012 Honda Civic photographed in Centreville, ...

2012 White Honda Civic sedans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout my childhood, I have been very much into cars. I could tell, just by looking a side view of any car, its make and model. If I recall last 10 or so models from both Honda and Toyota, which they introduced into the Pakistani market, I never liked any models of Toyota (Corolla), with one or two exceptions, while I always liked all models of Honda (City/Civic), except one or two. That’s branding ! They’ve created their own distinctive brands. Despite the fact they change models and designs, but they keep on theme or I should say style, which matches my psyche.

Obviously, this is old classical definition Now brands don’t carry as much a particular style that I mention above, that’s why they resort to labelling, with their names or logos on their products to identify their brand.