‘Waar’ film experience and its review

Although, the initial motivator was to kill time, which I was trying by window-shopping at Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. Watching movie turned out to be the better option, with respect to passing time, which I got due to delayed flight. I chose to watch ‘Waar‘, which was much hyped about recently. Its online movie trailer, first got my attention, and developed curiosity later on. But unfortunately, with my work-life schedule, I wasn’t able to watch any movies past several months in the cinema, may be a year. All movies, I could see, were during long flights 🙂 Anyhow, ‘Waar’ turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Specially, when I looked at it from the perspective of Lollywood standards, or may be it was my perception, as I hadn’t seen movies lately, let alone a Pakistani movie. The picturization, cinematography, sounds and effects, and acting were very close to what we see in Hollywood movies. It also has quite a bit of thrill and action, that which everyone likes today, as we’re a generation who grew up watching the likes of Arnold and Silver Stallone, except me. But I can live with such violence, looking at the true to life story, they wanted to present, involving bloodshed and terrorism. Probably the biggest reason of its popularity is its story, aligning itself with patriotism and chivalry, bravery and humanism, touching upon the sufferings of the population and the role of Armed Forces and the shrewd Intelligence Agencies and the involvement of foreign insurgents in the country, and their support to the outlaws. It highlighted heroism, faith and spirit of our defence forces (both Army and Police) and their valor, sacrifice and courage against the lethal-hidden enemy. There were many emotional scenes and at one time, I noticed people burst into clapping, right when Shaan (Mujtaba) killed the notorious villain, who was hiding behind a hostage child. The great thing about this movie is its content. Everyone loves watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies, but hate it, when they embed few tid-bits in the scenes, or in the story, which is effectively propaganda against Pakistan. Film ‘Waar’, would help to dispel some such disinformation about Pakistan and Islam or at least present the other side of the story to the world out there. The movie also lacked the usual entertainment part, like dancing over songs, which makes me qualify it to be more sensible, than entertaining. The movie was a mix of English and Urdu, which means, it’s geared towards the elite Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad and Indians alike, who’re also bilingual in English and Urdu listening. Overall, it was a pleasant surprise and I am happy to see Pakistani film industry has picked up well recently. I also read in the news, it’s doing good in terms of business and getting worldwide acclamation. Good acting by Shaan, Ayesha Khan, Ali Azmat, Meesha Shafi and others and Direction by Bilal Lashari. Specially Shan’s acting was superb. Congratulations to all!



You can watch it’s trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6QE_QVtC6U  

Feel free to share your views about this film, I would be curious.  Here are the main cinemas you can watch at: Nueplex Cinemas, Centaurus Cineplex, Cinepax (Ocean Tower)(City Auditorium)Atrium CinemasUniverse CineplexNishat CinemaCinepax – Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi