Watch for Facebook’s bug exposing your personal photos publically

I was told the other day by a friend, that my hundreds of photos, in which I am tagged, are visible publicly, to people who aren’t even friends on Facebook. For quite some time, I argued in denial that how is it even possible. But finally when she showed me the photos she can see, I was like, what the heck ? Such a blatant error ? The photos which I’ve kept as private, visible to only my family, is all visible to public at large. This is ridiculous. I searched on the net and found that this bug is still not addressed by Facebook. There are numerous people asking about it on the Facebook community forum, all unanswered, unresolved, some as long as 6 months old questions. People themselves found some workaround, which I used as well. If you change the Language setting from US (EN) to UK (EN), it would disable that search feature and effectively won’t show the photos.

I don’t mean that you misuse someone’s privacy, but just to let you know, that there is a flaw. If you type someone’s name in the top field on Facebook page (who’s not your friend), and once the name comes up in the list, you select it. Once that person’s name opens, hit that field again (which should have that name already in it) and you’ll see a drop-down, with a list of options, eg Photos of xxx person, Photos by xxx person, Likes of xxx person, and so on, as show in the image below. You click ‘Photos of xxx person’ and viola, you have all his/her photos, nomatter public or private.

Be careful with what you post and share on Facebook and change the language setting to UK (EN), till the time Facebook resolves this error. Feel free the spread the message.

How facebook generate so much revenue, when it’s free ?

In the meanwhile, did anyone notice, Facebook market capitalisation is exceeding $60 billion, with over 1 billion users.  Imagine, if every user just pay a penny, for an hour long ad for a day, FB would generate  $100million in just one hour. Then imagine, full day revenue, week and year, and even if you take 10% of the FB user population, it’s easy money. Their usual ad cost is around $5 (minimum) for a day.

I was wondering earlier, how come they afford to pay for the sms’s, if I configure SMS-based notification for login eg, Note: Like everyone else, I also don’t pay anything to FB for my use. So, where do they get money to pay for billions of sms of their users, free of charge ? And money for extremely large infrastructure and facilities in many cities ? I guess, I need to research on it.