It is not patriotism, dummy

If you’ve followed the tit-for-tat escalation of India and Pakistan recently, resulting from growing public protest in Kashmir territory, further aggravated by the media, patriotism on both sides of the border got reinvigorated. Thanks to the hate-mongering leadership of India, equally reciprocated by the ultra-nationalists of Pakistan.

If patriotism is genuine, here are simple litmus test questions to prove that:

  1. 1. Would you throw garbage outside the perceived boundary of your own property (house) or a car or shop or office? Meaning, as if outside your property is enemy territory (not your country). Keep it littered, dusty and insanitary, it doesn’t matter me but my country folks.
  2. Given a chance, would you flee out of country for good? Majority of the population would probably. Because we aren’t ready for sacrificing our personal or family life, at the expense of correcting issues of the country.
  3. You cheat everyone everyday, as if they’re your enemy and not Pakistani. You hike prices during Ramazan (holy month), for your fellow nationals, that you boast to die for. Because actually you don’t give a damn about the people.
  4. You ignore open gutters daily, step on newly carpeted or cemented road, steal street lights and don’t care a bit about public property (which is Pakistan’s property), because it does not belong to you or any other person but Pakistan. And Pakistan mean nothing to you, you let it be.
  5. You can check our true patriotism, by looking at the condition of government buildings and everything that they use. Their punctuality at work, sense of public service and not doing your job are typical behavior. You consider government job as a free money without doing any work, because you think there’s no one at loss except the country paying you the salary or the damage done is only to Pakistan. Pakistan’s property or money means free property, because we don’t give a damn about Pakistan.
  6. You vote your feudal lords, in fear of poverty, prosecution and hunger, or you vote based on racism to support your community, disregarding the fact how much that helped the politicians destroy the country. So, without education, we’ve lost our patriotism as well.

I know there are some good, educated and patriotic people left in Pakistan, but majority seems a sad case. So, when majority chants jingoistic slogans in favor of Pakistan and against India, that doesn’t make me feel any happier but scared. Because I know, it’s not driven by the love of your country, but the hate and revenge against others. The most patriotic people would be our army-men, because they can’t survive without it.

That’s why I’m not moved by any such empty rhetoric on either side of the border, trying to rally public hate in the guise of patriotism. It’s same old tactic of hate and fear to garner public support for wars on both sides of the borders. Read my other post (India and Pakistan – War Hysteria), how poor these two countries are and how much they spend on defense for the past 6 decades instead.

Probably, it’s just as they say: ‘Dash bakhth ka nasha’?  (from hindi movie)

Education! Education, first, not even patriotism.

How would other countries manage Haj/Mecca (Satire)

This is a different kind of post, that I usually don’t write. It’s kind of satire, I wrote for a change. What will happen when government of other countries were given the task to manage ‘Hajj’ (Islamic annual pilgrimage) or ‘Mecca’ (city of Saudi Arabia, where Hajj is performed).

Masjid Al Haram Panorama UAE:

  • Being poor compared to Saudi, they’d tax directly and indirectly virtually every cost of ‘hajj – pilgrimage’, including roads, ‘zamzam’, ‘kaaba’ building, parking, human resource, prayers, etc.
  • Would outsource almost everything to multinational firms,
  • Invite foreign tourists during off-peak season,
  • Executive helicopter ‘tawaf’,
  • Racing track around ‘mecca’, in Ferrari,
  • Making ‘hajj’ a full blown festival, with pre-season and post-season activities – discounts on bulk ‘zamzam’ water, free camel rides, with purchase of full tour pass of kaba, 360o view from all minarets, food sharing festivals and post season events, like discount for visiting Dead Sea beach or free umrah passes.
  • Hajj costs 2-3 million per person.


  • Seek aid from all muslim countries for ‘hajj’ operations, misappropriation in millions,
  • All aspects of ‘hajj’ business run by relatives and industrialists, taking turn to own it,
  • Cut-throat wrangling every 5 years for these lucrative positions,
  • Sacrificial animal import and ‘khaal’ (hides) export to relatives in Pakistan,
  • Water, electricity, gas, roads, hospital, complete infrastructure dilapidated,
  • Thousands of people (God forbid) perish in mild rain storm and dust-storm, due to 45 degree temp and water shortage, eating donkey nihari (curry), etc.
  • Hajj costs 3-4million due to mismanagement
  • The complete supply chain of hajj operations run by military inc., but well organized and reliable,
  • But almost all of that in loss, still audit exemption due to national/defense matter, thus requiring increased funding from country and abroad to sustain without question.
  • Massive military deployed across ‘mecca’, one Ranger personnel at every furlong (not at the border, but in the city:),
  • Helicopter surveillance of ‘kaaba’ 24/7, with ready F-16s and anti-aircraft missiles, against a supposed Indian threat, which makes defence 70% of the hajj budget/cost,
  • Sky-rocketing land cost, making hotels out of reach of Muslims, except for elites and ex-armymen quota,
  • Bomb blast by enemy/victim survivors hundreds of thousands (God forbid) perish every 5-10 years, requiring reinforcement of military,
  • Hajj cost 2-3 million rupees.


  • State of the art facilities (even better than now), underground subway, overhead mono-rail,
  • Cable car between ‘safa’ and ‘marwa’,
  • Underground aquarium for ‘zamzam’ plant,
  • Alcohol only allowed after 10pm,
  • ‘Hijaab’ only required for ‘haji’ (one performing hajj)
  • Hajj cost 1-2 million per person


  • Well organized facilities, with tight public scrutiny,
  • Separate Toilets for every conceivable gender,
  • Open for Muslims and non Muslims and atheists or agnostic equally,
  • Signage in English, Arabic and French
  • Educational institutions and research on Arabic and religious literature
  • High tax for every infrastructure , healthcare and resulting high cost,
  • Hajj cost 2-3 millions per person

Feel free to add about other countries 🙂

Dancing With The Wolves

Good read!

Dr. Haider Mehdi

wolvesAt last the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan, has taken a definite policy stance against the continuation of the US drone attacks on Pakistani territory and against its citizens. In a National Assembly speech on Monday, Khan categorically set the November 20th date for the PML-N government to resolve the drone strike issue: “(But) if drone strikes continued then we will block Nato supplies after November 20 and go to the UN Security Council,” warned the PTI Chairperson.

The vital questions in today’s Pakistan are: How long will we continue to dance with the wolves in the killing of our citizens and decimating peace, stability and political tranquility in this country?

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Banning gay socialization website in Pakistan

This post in response to the following news:

Again an exceptional/sensational news, but before people concur something incorrect, I thought I should clarify. The site claims to promote interaction (socialization) among homosexuals. How does that promote Information, Freedom, Equal Rights, is mind boggling.  An extreme example would be, to allow serial killers or pedophiles, to act as per their natural desire and let them socialize with people of similar mental tendencies, so they can plan together such crime 🙂 There are so many lustful desires, and practices we’re prohibited from, for our own good eg gambling, alcohol, adultery, sodomy, fortune-telling, etc. Shouldn’t we be treating the homosexuals’ condition, solace them, and tell them to abstain from same-sex acts (instead have patience), which is prohibited by God and termed as extremely abhorrent/disgusting? We know for a fact, its implication to the society and marital life in particular, if left open to everyone’s desire is fatal.

Sodom and Gomorrah and the Prophet Lut (pbuh) and Pompeii city

Have we forgot Islamic teachings of Prophet Lot (pbuh) and the story of cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which is similar to the story as shared in the Old Testament of the Bible. We learn of an entire nation which was destroyed by God due to their obscene behavior, which included rampant homosexuality. The disaster that befell Sodom and Gomorrah is very similar to the disaster that destroyed Pompeii, in Naples, Italy. Yet, our ignorant society named a high-class restaurants as Pompeii and takes a pride eating there, forgetting that the destruction of Pompeii came by means of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, which is a symbol of Italy, primarily the city of Naples. Remaining silent for the last two millennia, Vesuvias is named the ‘mount of warning’. It is not without cause that Vesuvias is known as such. The lava and ash of a huge volcanic eruption, that happened two millennia ago, caught the inhabitants of that city so suddenly that everything in the town was caught in the middle of everyday life and remains today exactly as it was two millennia ago. The historical records show that the city was exactly a center of dissipation and perversity. The most interesting aspect of the event is that nobody escaped despite the terrible violence of the eruption of Vesuvias. It is almost like they did not even notice the catastrophe, as if they were charmed.  Numerous petrified couples were found in the act of intercourse. The most interesting thing is that there were couples of the same sex and couples of young boys and young girls. The faces of some of the petrified human corpses unearthed from Pompeii were unharmed. The general expression on those faces was bewilderment.

Every Religion Abhors Homosexuality

We must also not forget that homosexual relations, acts or behaviour are illegal in almost every muslim country (with varying punishments), including Pakistan, Saudi, UAE, Iran, etc. Almost every western country does not allow such relationship officially. All the worlds’ major religions and spiritual traditions—from the majority view in Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism to Christianity and Islam—condemn and forbid homosexuality. The great majority of rabbis hold the same position, as do the Pope and the Dalaï Lama, who condemns homosexuality. For these traditions, homosexuality is considered to be “against nature,” an “expression of disequilibrium” in the growth of a person. The moral condemnation of homosexuality remains the majority opinion of all religions, and Islam is no exception. It would be senseless to wish to deny the facts, to contradict the textual sources and to force believers to perform intellectual contortions so that they can prove they are in tune with the times.


Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. There are various verses in Quran where Allah clearly says about Homosexuality.

“We also (sent) Lut: he said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? “For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” – Holy Quran 7:80-81

“Of all the creatures in the world will ye approach males”. “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!” – Holy Quran 26:165-166

The end result for not giving up homosexuality was the destruction of entire cities

“When Our decree issued We turned (the cities) upside down and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay spread layer on layer Marked as from thy Lord: nor are they ever far from those who do wrong!”- Holy Quran 11:82-83

Further reading & sources:



One year, yet Malala is still in the news headlines – Why ?

Post updated: October 17, 2013

Summary at the end..

I read the transcript of her speech at the UN General Assembly and listened to her interviews and news stories and talks about her upcoming book and looking at all the limelight she’s getting, I am of the view that she is a smart and a courageous girl, with a drive to do something big for the country, like many other Pakistani girls and women. Here I will be presenting the reason, why she’s on the spotlight in the global media. It’s dangerous today, if you only know the MSM version of an event.

What does Investigative Journalists say about it:

Some people think that Pakistani in general think negatively and doubt every news coming out of media. To tell you the truth, we’re living in Dark Ages, we stand less chance of understanding the conspiracies happening around the world and committed on us, then to make one. We only get to understand (the real truth), when western society, specially smart people with conscience, opens up and investigates about the events and share with rest of the world. Pakistanis don’t particularly hate Malala as a person or her noble intention, like every other considerate human around the world, feel sorry for her. Let’s read what others says about this:

Newsweek: “One of the world’s biggest public relations firms, Edelman (whose clients include Microsoft, Starbucks), has a team working on her behalf while politicians, journalists and book publishers are making her into something of a global brand.” So, one of the reasons for her perfectly scripted speeches and interviews, as if coming from a 60 years-old political veteran.

Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad.  She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”.  In her article “Brand Malala”: Western exploitation of a schoolgirl, she says: “Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, Malala’s avid supporter, fits that description. He is known as a misogynist by his former work colleagues and to human rights campaigners for his refusal to address the plight of widows whose husbands were unlawfully killed by the state see my earlier story”

She further points out, with regard to the question of another agenda, artist Jonathan Rao who painted the portrait of Malala that hangs in the National Gallery admits to his concerns in the Independent newspaper and states:-

 “I guess I was worried that she was probably a pawn in a bigger game and was being unduly influenced by the people around her.”

Veterans Today: Project Malala’: The CIA’s Socio-Psychological Intelligence Operation – by  Zaki Khalid, is a geopolitics and security analyst. I shared the above article when this Malala incident took place last year. According to this defense journalist also, the poor girl was exploited. That’s the beauty of conspiracies. They never leave it black & white. They used her good intentions as a front, while camouflaging it with highlighting taliban and terrorism seamlessly. Read her speech, taliban or terrorism is all over it. Every news, headline, article, interview, or title has either of the two word. The writer back then, pointed out about the foreign funded mercenaries committing such attacks (and next day claiming responsibility as Taliban), which is in fact a very common practice in Pakistan. So, she just became a pawn, at the hands of this wider agenda of terming taliban as evil and justifying the false war on terror. And now read this: The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Neoliberal near-Martyr of the Global Free Market Wars – by Scott Creighton. Reading above and various other similar research, provides lots of proof point about why they think it’s in fact a staged encounter and how the incident cannot be scientifically true, from surviving Kalashnikov multiple gun shots on the face, to multiple news stories about where the bullet hit, to the preparedness of protesters with play-cards in English, right after the attack and so on. From local media, Syed Mohammad Ali wrote on Express Tribune: “If there was anything unsettling about this entire event, it was seeing the UN’s blatant attempt to showcase and parade Malala in the effort to raise its own credibility. Seeing the UN endorsement of Malala’s heroism does seem a bit cringe-worthy given the impotency of the UN in challenging the US invasion of Iraq without a Security Council resolution, or doing much about the ensuing havoc unleashed in Muslim countries around the world since 9/11. Seeing Gordon Brown, the former prime minister of a country with a shameful colonial past, as the Special Envoy for Youth, benevolently praising Malala for her bravery, did not make one feel any better.”

Drones is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry:

Do you know that Drone is a big business. UK, USA and Israel are the three countries who are leading the development of armed drones and engaged in drone operations in Afghanistan.

  • US plans to spend $2.5 billion in 2014. Living Under Drones report says top commanders (terrorists) account for estimated only 2% of victims.
  • Over the next 10 years, the Pentagon plans to purchase more than 700 medium- and large-size drones at a cost of nearly $40 billion, according to a Congressional Budget Office study.
  • UK has spent £2 billion since 2007 on drones, with further plans to allocate additional £2 billion this year.
  • Israel is said to double US’s drones sale by 2014, currently US is leading in the world.
  • Meanwhile, according to a September US government accountability office report, the number of countries possessing drones rose from 41 in 2005 to 76 in December 2011.
  • Canada and Australia are planning to spend $1bn and $3bn respectively on drones.

What’s the triggering Factor: Imran Khan’s Protest against Drones along with Code Pink:

About three dozen members of the U.S. activist group Code Pink plan to march into Pakistan's restricted tribal region to protest U.S. drone strikes in the rugged territory. Photo: B.K. Bangash, Associated Press

On October 6th, 2012, a party of 30 men and women between the ages of 22 and 80 years old were organized by the American antiwar coalition Code Pink, along with Imran Khan’s political party (PTI) and several other volunteers, launched a rally towards northern Pakistan, that was also attended by other westerners, like Lauren Booth, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, and Clive Stafford Smith, an American-British lawyer and founder of Reprieve – an international legal aid agency supporting drone victims. Have you read the report that the lawyer (from Reprieve), who’s filing cases for the victims of drone attacks in Pakistan, has blamed american government willfully delaying his visa process. Read from The Guardian: Pakistani drone victims’ lawyer accuses US of blocking his visit to Congress

Code Pink reaching in Islamabad, jointly delivered a petition from more than 3,000 Americans to the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Hoagland, calling for an end to the CIA drone strike policy in Pakistan.  It’s signatories includesAlice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Wolf, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Jody Williams, Tom Hayden, Patch Adams, Glenn Greenwald, Juan Cole and other prominent Americans, including former U.S. government officials, calling for an end to the drone strikes. Before the march, Mr Khan told the BBC that he would authorise the shooting down of US drones over his country if he became its head of government.

Result: The rally (‘peace march’) hit the world headlines, albeit reluctantly, but got the world attention through mainstream media:

Salon, NYT, The Washington Post, The Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN, Al Jazeera, Daily Mail, NBC News, US News, The Independent, The Huffington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, virtually every news channel jumped to cover the news. 

News stories:

“How is our government any better than the militants we battle?” asks Joan Nicholson, a 78-year-old member of Code Pink.
“One victim asked, ‘I have nothing to do with terrorism; can America explain why they chose me?’”

“We kill a lot of innocent people,” said Medea Benjamin, a cofounder of Codepink and part of the delegation in Pakistan. She called the attacks “barbaric assassinations.”

Speaking of the tribal areas, she said, “This is a culture that very much believes in revenge, and then they seek revenge by trying to kill Americans. So we are just perpetuating a cycle of violence and it’s got to stop somewhere, and that’s why we are putting our bodies on the line by trying to go to Waziristan to say no.”

Washington Post: “You hit people with these drones and you create instant enemies,” said JoAnne Lingle, a silver-haired Mennonite from Indianapolis. “It’s supposed to be increasing our national security and it’s doing the opposite.”

The Huffington Post:
“I also delivered a letter from Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Wolf, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Jody Williams, Tom Hayden, Patch Adams, Glenn Greenwald, Juan Cole and other prominent Americans, including former U.S. government officials, calling for an end to the drone strikes.”

With such stories from people on-site talking to the victims, suddenly generated worldwide uproar, specially in the US public opinion, against the wisdom in drone attacks and the barbaric killing of civilians (unlike what is said to be an extremely precise technology) and ended-up with worldwide outrage against US Government, almost sabotaging the multi-billion dollar drones business (read: precise technology). The Malala incident was said to be staged, to deflect that resentment against drone attacks and changing world opinion, to highlight the threat of Taliban (more so through TTP) to women/children. In fact, changing the game 360 degrees, from world viewing drones as inhuman killing children in Pakistan, to world believing that terrorists threaten children in Pakistan (Malala eg), so drones are inevitable.  TTP is widely considered to be a group of outlaws, many a times funded through foreign secret service agencies, used every now and then for various such covert operations (eg shooting/bombing) and then randomly claiming responsibility (such claims obviously has never be proved and can never be).

Oct 6th, 2012:                      Imran Khan launched rally against drone attacks

Oct 6th, 7th and 8th:       Protest rally against Drones, all over mainstream media (all news report links provided above)

Oct 9th, 2012:                    Malala incident took place (deflecting world view instantly), as that was given even bigger coverage in the media.

Malala incident news spread like a wildfire, since special coverage was given to her, eg Prime Minister, President condoling, COAS (Armed forces General of Pakistan)   visiting her at the hospital, US President Obama, UN’s Kofi Anna sending condolences, later Madonna dedicated her concert to her (not to mention how she publicized it) and then thanks to the professional PR agency services, she’s a worldwide icon now for girls’ right to education. Everyone is jumping the bandwagon, to exploit her fame and many people with good heart, also rallied her cause, out of naivety of the vested interest, rest is history.

Shahnawaz Farooqui (pakistani journalist and commentator) recently compiled this on Malala (in urdu language):

Drone Attack’s Impact on Pakistan:

Drone is considered as a cutting-edge technology, precisely accurate with virtually no collateral damage, while Imran Khan had almost sabotaged it, showing the largest drone operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as a failure, where majority of women, children and civilians were killed and a success ratio of only 2% high-level targets.

Here’s some stats on drone victims, humans killed from Drones in Pakistan since 2004*:

Total reported killed:              2,548 – 3,549
Civilians:                                   1255 – 2496
Injured:                                     336 – 1226
Women:                                     321 – 447
Children:                                   168 – 197
High-level targets killed:        2%

* figures in humans

Viewer discretion: Reduced the size, so that you don’t start crying right away

Why do the Governments Promote Malala ? 

Like I said before, with Malala, goes the story of Taliban, along with the message that Pakistan Government not doing enough to curb terrorism or is a failed state and needs intervention. While the cover is to exploit the sympathetic public opinion, who wants to support such subjugated women and children in northern Pakistan, as people with good intention are far more than bad, so, you see mainstream support for Malala from around the world. I would agree, if she has got the chance to voice for women’s rights and girls education, it’s better than nothing for pakistani women’s rights. But at what cost ? As much as she is promoted, it carries with her the story of Taliban being a major terrorist threat (if someone didn’t know about Taliban before, they’d know it by now through her popularity). Had it not been this case, either she would have been dead long ago, without even a news line in the last page in a Pakistani paper, let alone a headline on every international news media and a speaking slot in the UN assembly Or she would have remained nobody like many other unrecognized girls and activists in Pakistan. Read here about those activists and heroes, never heard of, because they doesnt’ serve any vested interests of the western world. So, in other words, her story and promotion, alteast gave a breather of 1 year to the (resumption of) drone attacks in Pakistan, and around the world. Had America been sincere to the women’s right in Pakistan, then it would not have silenced (read abducted, tortured, raped and imprisoned extra-judicially in Guantanamo and destroyed the family of) Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Harvard PhD graduate Neurologist from Pakistan, actually an American Citizen. Her crime, in addition to being extremely intelligent, she developed great command over english and Islam, and started preaching it vociferously. Check out her one such rare video from 1991, where she’s raising voice for women’s right in Islam, in Houston:

Does anyone in the world know about Edhi, who set up worlds largest ambulance system in Pakistan, all through charity. THEY are our heroes, which the world media, had been completely silent about, so that nobody on earth would know about the goodness of Pakistanis and their philanthropism. If you want to know about Taliban, read from , a british journalist who was captured by Taliban for sneaking into Afghanistan secretly. After being arrested by Taliban, with the treatment she received during her 6 days of captivity and upon release, read Quran later in UK and then she converted to Islam. Feel free to enlighten yourself, let’s not fall prey to media propaganda. There are many videos you can google about her or read her book: “In the Hands of the Taliban: Her Extraordinary Story”

Supporting/Promoting Malala and her cause: 

Terrorism experts have concluded that: Terrorism is a struggle of freedom fighters against tyrant governments suppressing them, anywhere in the world. When you see how US/UK/etc manipulated elections in pakistan (failing people’s popular choice), to bring corrupt as puppets into power, so that they can continue to suppress uninformed slaves, then how could you possibly believe they are sincere about education or women’s education for that matter. Unfortunately, knowing all this, makes it very difficult to support Malala’s cause, because that’ll remain a lip-service by the world powers.

Minus terrorists and Taliban from the incident that is associated with Malala, and she will become nobody in no time, just like Edhi is to the world. 

What Should We Do:

I know, people in Pakistan and around the world are kind-hearted and want to support her on that tragic incident, and her new cause for the women and children, but I am concerned about the western powers and our government, who’re exploiting this incident out of proportions, for their vested interests, viz. Drones business. Fine, I don’t have a clear proof that Malala incident is staged (only have scientific hints), but so is the information that Malala was shot by Taliban, without any proof. So, how come the world is convinced that Malala was attacked by Taliban in 2012 in PAKISTAN, to teach a lesson that girls should not study, and the US is sincerely supporting the poor girls from northern pakistan and Malala’s cause of women education and actually not interested in this multi-billion dollars drone industry, after knowing all the facts, that I mentioned above ? If I support/promote Malala story and her cause, wouldn’t that mean, I am indirectly justifying the need for drone industry and the blood of those innocents pakistanis (men, women and children) will be on my hands, perished by drones every now and then ?

And last but not the least, we are not supposed to highlight (let alone spend multi-million dollars in marketing) such evil acts. Our religion tell us that evil act should not be publicized, but culprits reprimanded and action taken to make sure such incident doesn’t happen again, instead of advertising it to the whole wide world.

What should we do ? Choose wisely, after understanding all these facts, because you’ve the power to THINK and not just believe state conspiracies.



  • Oct 6th, 2012: Imran Khan launched rally against drone attacks
  • Oct 6th, 7th and 8th: Protest rally against Drones, all over mainstream media (all news report links provided above)
  • Oct 9th, 2012: Malala incident took place (deflecting world view instantly), as that was given even bigger coverage in the media.

In fact, changing the game 360 degrees, from world viewing drones as inhuman killing children in Pakistan, to world believing that terrorists threaten children in Pakistan (Malala eg), so drones are unavoidable.

  • Everyone is jumping the bandwagon, to exploit her fame and many people with good heart, also rallied her cause, out of naivety of the vested interest, rest is history.
  • Drone is considered as a cutting-edge technology, precisely accurate with virtually no collateral damage, while Imran Khan had almost sabotaged it
  • Justifying that Pakistan Government not doing enough to curb terrorism or is a failed state and needs intervention.
  • Unfortunately, knowing all this, makes it very difficult to support Malala’s cause, because that’ll remain a lip-service by the world powers.

Sources & Further readings:

Women exploitation in a Islamic republic

Why is the majority of women from rural side of Pakistan  (a major portion), migrate to the urban cities to earn their living and to sustain their family and their male counterparts (husbands), who mostly sit idle at home ? The concept of ‘maasi’ (literal meaning – maternal aunt, but actually referred to as domestic servant), is pretty common in all cities of Pakistan, where women are exploited as cheap labor (in the informal domestic labor industry), ignoring ethical, civil and islamic rights of women and working-women. Many of such girls are minor as well, who should not be doing such physical labor in the first place and is unlawful, by civil or islamic standards.

Rural to urban migration is an established phenomenon, and growing number of women are joining in the flow of labour to the cities. Although, it is a major issue around the world, but more so in developing countries, where women lack awareness about their rights and there’s acute poverty in the country. According to the HDI, 60.3% of Pakistan’s population lives on under $2 a day, which is like 100 million people. There are so many such evils cropping up in the society, because of poverty and division between haves and have-nots. Karachi had the most migrant women workers (40%) among those surveyed. (Siddiqui et al 2006a: 47). According to the available data, there are 20 million home-based workers in the country of which 12 million are women. There are no laws for home-based workers in Pakistan.

When Islam obligates men to be the breadwinner and women to take care of family and house affairs, staying indoors, and each doing work according to their respective natural capacities, it’s simply lack of education, which cause the society to act exactly opposite, to both nature and Islam.

Even if women earns, they’re not obliged to spend a single penny on the family, if she chooses not to, other than on herself.  Islam upholds several times higher respect to women, in comparison to man.

Which religion are these people following ? Is that the religion of ignorance !

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was once asked who amongst all the people was the most worthy of his respect and compassion . He replied “your mother”; the man wanted to know who should be next, he said “your mother”. The man enquired, who next?, he replied for the third time “your mother”, again the man asked who next? He replied “your father”.

Dr. Zakir Naik says on the topic “Women in Islam“: iii. If a woman earns any income from investments or works or engages in business during her marital life, the income is entirely hers and she is not entitled to spend a single penny on the household. She can spend it in any legitimate manner as she may desire.”

Poverty and lack of awareness (education) are the main causes that compel women to go out of their homes and look for jobs like domestic servants (house maids). Though, they’re being exploited back in the rural areas as well, where many work under the feudal lords, in return for no money, but just a land to live in. Of course there are various other factors for women migrating to cities and stories how they’re eventually treated in the cities, but I’ll keep this post to one point, that is their exploitation, as house maids (‘maasis’) in the cities.

Sources & Further Readings:

Imran Khan’s Politics – Election Results 2013

This is what I always thought about Imran Khan and told everyone:

If Imran Khan is upright, he doesn’t stand a chance to get elected from this system, if however, he’s dishonest, he could win, but that makes no difference for us..

That was one of the dilemma, for me while deciding to vote or not to vote. And one of my apprehension of voting PTI as well.  Check out his politics: He started off as a staunch supporter of dialogue with the Pakistani Taliban. ? He also believes there should be no military operations in FATA (pakistan), branded by Washington as the main hub of Taliban and Al Qaeda militants plotting attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In 2012, PTI held a peace march towards South Waziristan to register a powerful protest against drone attacks in Pakistan, where at least 30 anti-drone activists from the US participated. ? Really ? Objecting the policies of US, who you know have bought virtually every institution in the country ? And that too before getting elected ? Pervaiz Musharraf first agreed to US policies, then circumvented and gradually turn it around to Pakistan’s best interest. Imran Khan first started talking against the popular vote of MQM, then went quiet on the topic. Raising questions against the Army and then doing away with that as well. Finally, he learnt a bit more of Pakistani politics and brought in old political stalwarts. But eventually in the 2013 election again, he couldn’t pick, that pakistanis have been voting on the basis of race since 4-5 decades. He also failed to pick that there’s a strong global (US, UK) and regional (Saudi) influence for keeping their status quo in Pakistan. It would have been shrewd of him, if he had made alliance beforehand with the like minded parties (even if partially) and joined hands in the greater interest of Pakistan and had a plan to minimize rigging in election and come into power, instead of trying for a freehand ride. Clean-sweep, is something hard to come by, in a democracy, specially in a country as divided as ours, with so many ethnicities as well. He learnt a lot in the last 2 elections, but not enough (read: corruption)… When people say he lacks experience, that’s what they actually mean 😉 He should be happy, he wasn’t blown away, neither put behind bars. The all powerful in the country, gave him a free ride.

Another important point to mention here, the educated awam wanted a shortcut (read: revolution) and end of all evils, through him, without any sacrifice or effort to correct the basics first, like education, elimination of feudalism, racism, impatience, injustice, etc. People who did not vote PTI, must have been scared, that how come Imran Khan is going to save them from the feudal lords and the evils of injustice and the thugs of other political parties, when they grew up seeing that threat close by. It’s the same phenomena,  when you ask people to get themselves educated, they reply back, yeah right, as if that gets us job in this corrupt system, where jobs are distributed through quota only or there aren’t any jobs out there for the educated, instead there are many blue color jobs, so why get education. They know well, that people have been changing in every government, but they remained suppressed. So, the point is, people would not trust you, unless, you have a clear-cut plan for short-term solution to their immediate problems like, job, electricity, safety, health, as well as long term solution to overcoming root cause challenges of the country, like feudalism.

It is an irony, that when we are fed-up of our corrupt system, yet we seek to change the government, instead of the system.

I myself got carried away, by my friend’s enthusiasm and belief, and not to mention, Imran Khan’s charisma,  personality (an appeal to the youth), cricketing history, cancer hospital, debating skills and passion and energy to beat the evil without any fear, kind of blinded me of the ground realities. And despite the fact that Pervaiz Musharraf is put behind bars by the current govt and Asif Zardari is at the helm of power, yet I almost believed that we could’ve a free and fair election. Nevertheless, it is a good start though, specially looking at people’s activism and taking part themselves in bringing the change, which resulted in Imran Khan securing third place in terms of electorates, while last time he only managed win one seat. That is a good progress, by any political standards, for someone who’s not a veteran politician and getting such response from the general public, which again is not educated to a large extend. This makes it a great precedent in Pakistani politics, of competing election with honesty and merit and would go a long way, specially as our Youth learn and educate themselves and rise to a majority.

Pakistan and the muslim world


Here I would like to share some facts that you don’t hear ordinarily in the MSM (mainstream media), neither locally in Pakistan or internationally. Most of the time the negative information is overexposed, which cause resentment, hate, despair in the Pakistani society, eventually leading to the phenomena of ‘Brain-drain’ – mass exit of people with intellectual capability, who can handle the challenges facing Pakistan. So, my idea here is to highlight some of the positive facts, and appreciate our recent glorious past and the belief that we can do it again, where we started off being within top 10th position of the world in various spheres of life.


The name Pakistan literally means “Land of the Pure” in Urdu and Persian. Pakistan is the second most populous Muslim-majority country. A regional and middle power, Pakistan has the seventh largest standing armed forces in the world and is also a nuclear power as well as a declared nuclear weapons state, being the only nation in the Muslim world.

Pakistan and Support for Muslim Ummah – History:

Besides economic and defense consideration, there is another fundamental principle which had influenced Pakistan largely in the determination of its foreign policy, that is its Muslim ideology. The very foundation of Pakistan is based upon Islamic Ideology. The contemporary role of Islam is consistent with the role it played in the struggle of mankind against tyranny. Even before the creation of Pakistan, MA Jinnah (known as father of Nation in Pakistan), lead All India Muslim League, and was strong proponent of supporting Muslim causes around the world, eg the support of Palestinian,  against the occupation and protesting British government for the Belfaur Declaration. Between 1933 and 1946 the Muslim League passed eighteen resolutions in support of the Muslims of Palestine. Right after the creation, Pakistan developed strong relations with Muslim world, specifically Iran & Turkey, while supporting countries like Morocco,  Libya, Tunisia and Algeria in support of their freedom against the tyrant governments and rogue nations. All the three constitutions of Pakistan stressed on the good relations with the Muslim world. Article 24 of the 1956 Constitution provided that the State should endeavor to strengthen the bond of unity among Muslim countries. Article 21 of the 1962 Constitution provided that the bonds of unity among Muslim countries should be ensured. In the 1973 constitution, Article 40 inter-alia lays down a principle of policy that the state shall endeavor to preserve and strengthen fraternal relations among Muslim countries based on Islamic unity.

In February 1949, a World Muslim Congress was held in Karachi, which decided to revive the Motamar Al Alam Al Islamic, which had been set up in Makkah in 1926. Pakistani Industrialists and businessmen, with the support and patronage of the government, convened an international Islamic economic conference in Karachi from November 26, 1949 to December 10, 1949. Even during the days of the struggle against the Hindus and the British, the Muslims of South Asia did not forget their Muslim brothers living in other parts of the world. The Khilafat movement launched by the Muslims of the South Asia after the defeat of Turkey in the 1st World War is its good example. The demands of the Khilafat movement were, the restoration of the Ottoman empire and the institution of Khilafat along with the protection of the Holy places of the Muslims. Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave open support to North African Arabs in their struggle to throw off the French yoke. He considered the Dutch attack upon Indonesia as an attack on Pakistan itself and refused transit facilities to Dutch ships and place, carrying war materials to Indonesia. He played an important role in the struggle of Muslim countries. He, therefore, provided all possible diplomatic and material assistance to the liberation movement in Indonesia, Malaya, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria and Algeria.

Distinctive Facts About Pakistan:

Let’s look at some of the important fact about Pakistan:

  • In terms of population, Pakistan is 6th largest in the world and 2nd largest in Muslim countries. 
  • It has a semi-industrialised economy which is the 27th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power and 47th largest in terms of nominal GDPPakistan has got
  • Asia’s second largest library called ‘BAIT UL HIKMA‘.
  • In February 2007, the World Bank identified Karachi as the most business-friendly city in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has the 7th largest standing army in the world, 7th largest Air Force in the world and the largest air force in the Islamic world with 400 combat and over 200 trainers
  • Air Commodore MM ALAM has a world record of shooting down 5 Indian planes in less than a Minute
  • World toppers in O/A levels exams almost every year and topper girls in mathematics, biology in Cambridge exams. Ali Moeen Nawazish secured 22 As in A-levels exams. Moosa Firoz recently won the World Mathematics Championship.
  • World champions in Squash for over a decade (Jahanghir Khan & Jansher Khan)
  • Snooker champion (Muhammad Younus) – two times world and two times asian champion
  • Edhi – world largest ambulance service (single-handedly developed from scratch, completely on charity money)
  • Agha Hasan Abedi – a legendary banker and philanthropist, who established BCCI, largest banking network at that time with $20 billion in assets, then brought FAST & GIK, two of the top engineering universities in Pakistan today and other institutions who benefited from him includes, SSUET, SIUT, NICVD, etc.
  • Pakistan had nuclear scientists like Dr. AQ Khan,
  • Space scientist like Dr. Samar Mubaramand
  • Chemical scientist like Dr. Ata ur Rehman, who has over 900 international publications including 116 books and 25 international patents, he has the distinction of being the only scientist to be elected Fellow of Royal Society (London) in 2006 in recognition of research contributions carried out within a country in the Islamic world. He is also the only scientist from the Muslim world to have been awarded the UNESCO Science Prize (1999). Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman was the Coordinator General of COMSTECH, an OIC Ministerial Committee comprising the 57 Ministers of Science & Technology from 57 OIC member countries during 1996-2012.  
  • Dr. Adeeb Rizvi (world renowned Kidney specialist and philanthropist)
  • Ansar Burney (established large charity organization)
  • Hanif Muhammad (cricket legend) 
  • and the list is never ending, in every possible field, and countries, you’ll find Pakistanis making a difference in this world.

IQ and Intellectuals of Pakistanis:

There are 7 million Pakistanis living abroad, making history, without getting sufficient recognition. They’re doing wonders in NASA, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Xerox, to name a few. Pakistan is the fourth highest source of International Medical Graduates doctors in the US. Pakistan is also the fourth highest source of foreign dentists licensed in the US. According to the 2000 census the mean household income in the United States in 2002 was $57,852 annually, whereas for Asian households, which includes Pakistanis this was $70,047.  Pew Research Center found that 29.5% of Pakistanis completed four years of college, 22.5% completed a Master’s in a professional degree while 1.6% acquired a doctorate degree, this compared with the American national average of 17.6%, 20% and 1.1% respectively. That just tells about the high level of IQ of Pakistanis. Pakistan produces about 445,000 university graduates and 10,000 computer science graduates per year.

Philanthropic Nation:

The Pakistani American community is said to be philanthropic, research shows that in the year 2002 the community gave close to US$ 1 Billion in philanthropic activities. This is not just true about Pakistani Americans  but according to a 2009 corporate report of Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP), Pakistan in general is considered the most philanthropic nation in the world.

Some More facts: 

  • Pakistani theoretical physicist Abdus Salam won a Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the electroweak interaction.
  • In medicine, Salimuzzaman Siddiqui (nominated for Nobel Price twice) was the first Pakistani scientist to bring the therapeutic constituents of the Neem tree to the attention of natural products chemists.
  • Pakistani neurosurgeon Ayub Ommaya invented the Ommaya reservoir, a system for treatment of brain tumours and other brain conditions.
  • Arfa Karim had earned title of the youngest Microsoft Certified Expert;
  • Pakistan has an active space program led by its space research agency, SUPARCO. Polish-Pakistani aerospace engineer W. J. M. Turowicz developed and supervised the launch of the Rehbar-I rocket from Pakistani soil, making Pakistan the first South Asian country to launch a rocket into space. 
  •  In 1961, Pakistan became third Asian country and tenth in the world, to launch the Rehbar-I — a solid fuel expandable rocket.
  • In 1990, Suparco launched her first and locally designed communication satellite, Badr-I, from Xichang Satellite Launch Center of the Peoples Republic of China. With launch of this satellite, Pakistan became first Muslim majority country to have been succeeded to developed artificial robotic satellite, and was the second South Asian state to have launched its satellite.
  • In 1998, Pakistan became the seventh country in the world to successfully develop its own nuclear weapons.
  • Later Pakistan produced Fighter Jets (JF17 – Thunder), submarines, tanks (Al-Khalid), pilot-less aircrafts (Uqaab), etc. completely using all Pakistani indigenous resources.
  • Pakistan has the 15th largest population of internet users in the world.
  • The 1960s and the 1970s period is regarded as the rise of Pakistan’s science, which gained an international reputation in the different science communities of the world.[11] During this period, scientists contributed to the fields of, particularly, TheoreticalParticleMathematical, and the Nuclear physics, and other major and sub fields of Physics.[11] The research was preceded by such key physicists as RiazuddinIshfaq AhmadPervez Hoodbhoy and Samar Mubarakmand, among others.

Defence Contributions to the Muslim World:

Pakistan’s Army Service Corps School has trained up to 30 officers from Muslim countries like Bangladesh, Bosnia, Maldives, Palestine, Turkey. Pakistan Army Military College of Signals has trained more than 500 officers. from places such as Burma, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Gambia, Ghana, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Uganda, UAE and Zambia, most of these countries are member of OIC. Pakistan is thought to have developed its atomic bomb program with millions of dollars of contributory aid from (mostly) Saudi Arabia and Libyan oil wealth. So, Pakistan and muslim countries go hand-in-hand, helping each other for the universal brotherhood.

More than 1900 officers from Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ghana, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya and Oman have been trained in Pakistan Naval Academy. Pakistan SSGN has also trained officers from countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Iran. During the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, Pakistan Air Force pilots volunteered to go to the Middle East to support Egypt and Syria, which were in a state of war with Israel; they shot down ten Israeli planes in the Six-Day War, including Mirages, Mystères and Vautours, without losses on their own side. In 1979, at the request of the Saudi government, commandos of the Pakistani Special Service Group were rushed to assist Saudi forces in Mecca to lead the operation of the Grand Mosque Seizure. In 1991 Pakistan got involved with the Gulf War and sent 5,000 troops as part of a US-led coalition, specifically for the defence of Saudi Arabia. Since 1960, Pakistan has been actively involved in most of the UN Peacekeeping missions and today stands at the top with 10,175 troops and observers serving in current missions. Some of the major contributions were in Somalia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Congo and Liberia.

Contributions in Global Politics:

In 2009, Prince Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud,  Intelligence Chief of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shared King Abdullah’s message of ‘unity’ from high-profile emissary. Addressing Pakistani leaders, Muqrin said that the Saudi leadership considers Pakistan as both the vanguard and backbone of the Islamic world. “Not only Saudi Arabia but also the entire Muslim world looks forward to Pakistan’s military strength and political stability, for the leading role it ought to play,” he maintained. At one point, Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri told reporters on 14 February 2007 that the secretary general of OIC and foreign ministers of seven “like-minded Muslim countries” would meet in Islamabad on 25 February 2007 following meetings of President Musharraf with heads of key Muslim countries to discuss “a new initiative” for the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Kasuri said this would be a meeting of foreign ministers of key Muslim countries to discuss and prepare for a summit in Makkah Al Mukarramah to seek the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.


We started off with best airline of Asia (PIA), 7th largest bank in the world (BCCI), with $20billion assets and branches in 78 countries, had nuclear program, missile program, space program, etc. The new spirit of Islam is finding its natural expression through its association with the most urgent need for the establishment of a new world order based on equality, justice and fraternity. These are essential ingredients of Islam. A unity based on enlightenment; reform and reconstruction acting as an impetus to international co-operation. A unity which will act in collaboration and as partisans in the common struggle against domination, and indeed as a spearhead of progressive and revolutionary forces.

Shrewd anti-Muslim forces knew all these facts very well, and when they try to destabilize Pakistan, that is a sufficient enough reason to believe, Pakistan is a significant force in the Muslim world and naturally the Muslim world see it as well. It’s our deteriorating Muslim brotherhood and unity, which they exploit. Agreed Pakistan’s current population is ignorant (majority is), specially having half-knowledgeable about Islam, thus the bad perception of Pakistan in the outside world and the reason for the problems that we see today in Pakistan. Due to present situation in Pakistan today, around 3,000 Pakistani doctors every year emigrate to Western economies in search of suitable employment opportunities and hence contribute intellectually to the health sector of developed countries and at the same time leaving the effects of a brain drain in Pakistan. But we are a very high IQ nation. Imagine, if we overcome unrest and ignorance problems, there’s nothing stopping us. Like I always conclude, our fundamental problem is lack of education – both worldly and Islamic. If we uproot feudalism in Pakistan, and improve literacy rate, we can be a significant force, in the muslim world again.

Our growing youth population (60 million, ie 35% aged 15-25 years) with a literacy rate of 94% is already on the right course, as they understand the importance of education and THEY are the ones, who are going to bring change to the status-quo in Pakistan and bring unity, peace and prosperity to Pakistan and the Muslim world. And Pakistan is not behind in on-line social media revolution either, with whooping 20 million+ online users and 8 million on Facebook, 80 million cell phone users, all well poised to excel in the digital age, despite all odds.

Check the work of a Pakistani, who compiled list of successful (but not appropriately recognized):

Sources & Further readings:

Snorkelling off the coast of Karachi, amidst blue waters of the Arabian Sea – Churna Island

Divers Reef Karachi, started of as an informal initiative of a group of young students of Iqra University – doctors, pro swimmers, campers, troubleshooters. Soon, it turned into a business offering snorkelling facility to the countries populace. In this photo, you can see Churna Island amidst the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi. It is a gifted marine park where you have all sorts of fishes from Dolphins, Sea urchins, Barracudas, Hound fish, Marlin, Angel fish, Turtles, Parrot fish, Sea Anemones, Jelly fish, Puffer fish and things that are just beyond the word “Beautiful”. I saw Dolphins myself twice during my trip and it was an exhilarating first-hand experience to see under-water marine life, in our own country, at such nominal cost. In this time of turmoil, these kinds of initiatives helps project the overwhelming beauty of Pakistan and specially shows the drive of our young generation who cannot be lead to despair, instead they strive to do wonders with minimal of resources and adverse conditions.

The cost of this trip was a meagre Rs.2000 (US$20) per person and they usually take gathering of 20 persons per trip. You can visit following site for more information:

More photos:

(1) some of this content were taken from following website:

Talk about change ? – Selecting election candidates

What should we expect from the leaders, who claim to serve us through winning election ?Here is what an educated and aware citizens would expect, from candidates who’re running for elections.

They should be either graduates from IBA, LUMS, FAST, NED, DMC, or Harvard, SLOAN, Wharton, USC, Cambridge, London, or similar institutions. There are thousands of such individuals in Pakistan, if not millions… Why shouldn’t they be given chance, if they’re interested to serve ?

How about position holders from Karachi University in Political Science, as Prime/Minister ? Or a PhD in comparative religious studies from IIU for FM for Religious Affairs ? Or several hundred philanthropist as education, health ministers ? What about Edhi ?

Publish Profiles:
We want the profiles of candidates published, enlisting their education, achievements and specifically public service engagements throughout their career…  Not to mention, integrity, honesty and vision, are the traits the country needs badly. From the perspective of Pakistan, the candidate should be aware of Islamic laws and practicing muslim, since he/she is supposed to run a 97% muslim majority nation.

What Not to Look For:

Although, communication, debating and personality is important in every aspect of life, but these should not be the sole criteria while choosing the leader. Secondly, we should choose the vision, manifesto (of the party), the party platform, as opposed to choosing the leader alone or voting on the party’s brand value. Look for the substance, and not get carried away by the publicity stunts.

An Aware citizen of Pakistan!

Pakistan Election 2013: Ignorant masses still befooled of their rights

If you wanne see the pakistani version of the demise of capitalistic democracy, read this article (from Dawn) to know how parties win election.Unless, we have literate majority, who knows their own rights and knows the responsibility of the political leaders, they’ll continue to be duped and we’ll continue to see thugs ruling us.

“To find the winner in any given constituency, you don’t necessarily have to look at the numbers. Just listen carefully to voters’ stories and identify the guy who is respected and feared, or sometimes loved and hated, in equal parts — that’s your guy, the thug-winner.”

Racism is eroding our society: Major hinderance to our progress


Another difference between prosperous/developed nations and backward nations, the later suffers from a high degree of racism. I don’t mean to suggest, developed nations don’t have racism problem, but they have learned its evil effect early on. Remember the KKK movement of US ? Apartheid system in South Africa.  Racism was so abhorrent in the past, with all the hate, fightings and bloodsheds, they learned that there is no benefit in fighting on the basis of race. Then we saw a series of laws bring justice and equality, restricting preferences based on race, color, religion, descent, ethnic origin or caste. They developed laws like equal opportunity employers, hate crime laws, affirmative action, to restrict discrimination from every sphere of life.

Treatment of Immigrants:

You cannot ignore the fact, how accommodating the majority of developed nations are towards immigrants. Agreed, they see it’s benefits, but could that be possible, without their society’s acceptance of other nationals/races ? Look at us, for example, how we treat foreigners in Pakistan ? Bengalis, Indians or Christians for that matter ? Pakistani society suffers from a high degree of racism.

Politics based on Racism:

Take a look at our political parties, the major ones are – PML, PPP, MQM, ANP, with no manifesto but promoting their respective races. I’m sure you know the vote bank of all these parties, that together constitutes our whole population. I’m told that we’ve to thank Bhutto for dividing us like that, which we couldn’t recover from, to date. I am sure there would be others before him, who encashed on this race based politics in Pakistan. Do you know the criteria, our ignorant majority have been using to choose the election candidate, over the past several decades? Even if we keep the fake votes and suppressed votes aside, there are a significant number of population, who just vote based on their casts, or ‘baradari’, ‘sardar’, or ethnic background or mother-tongue.


I see largely, illiteracy as one of the reason. check this fact: Over two-thirds of the world’s 793 million illiterate adults are found in only eight countries (Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Pakistan). Quota system is another major factor that became the foundation of racism in Pakistan, with the injustice in income distribution, injustice in job hirings and tax collection, and specially resource distribution, resulted in widespread hate in the society, based on their respective races. So, much so that the worst hit (Balochistan), almost revolted against the writ of Pakistan, with numerous operations and wars already fought, and on going. Quota system is a fatal act committed against us, decades ago, to divide us, that has breed nothing but hatred. I have written another post on Quota system and it’s woes, here you can read also. We were easy victims, because of our lack of education (read knowledge of our values). It would be in the interest of our enemies, that we maintain hate and keep dividing ourselves, otherwise, there is no sane benefit to group ourselves into various races, colors, ethnicities, sects or languages. I think, all of these have their own purpose, not that we use it to fight each other is useless.


Lets understand this and spread the message of universal brotherhood and do your part in spreading this message to the ignorant majority. Government should enforce policies and repudiate laws governing Quota system from colleges, universities, every governmental institutions and their hiring processes and resource/fund distribution. Government should take into account the rights of every constituency, making sure no injustice is committed, where every decision is made on the larger interest of the nation. Further smaller constituencies should be established to govern. Our culture and values and religion, does not allow any place for either hatred or discrimination, based on races or any other way. So, once we stop hating each other, and instead have time to think about finding ways to overcome other challenges, there is no dearth of resources or skills or intelligent people, that no one can stop us from progressing. Let us develop universal brotherhood.

NB: Islam doesn’t have any place for differentiating races as superior, inferior or more/less desirable etc..

“O Mankind! Most certainly, it is We( God almighty) who have Created you all from a single (pair) Of a male and a female, And it is we who have made you into Nations and tribes, That ye may recognize each other (Not that ye may despise each other). Verily, the noblest of you In the sight of Allah Is (he who is) the most Righteous of you.”

Holy Quran 49:13

1400 years ago our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person, except in piety.”

Feudalism: Is that in any party’s manifesto ?

Our fundamental problem is ignorance/illiteracy/education.
The root cause of that problem is Feudalism.

Which party has a plan to address that, in their manifesto ?

It’s not a rocket science, the problems we face today in Pakistan, are solved 50 or 100 years ago by other countries…

If you wanne see the pakistani version of the demise of capitalistic democracy, read this article (from Dawn) to know how parties win election.Unless, we have literate majority, who knows their own rights and knows the responsibility of the political leaders, they’ll continue to be duped and we’ll continue to see thugs ruling us.

“To find the winner in any given constituency, you don’t necessarily have to look at the numbers. Just listen carefully to voters’ stories and identify the guy who is respected and feared, or sometimes loved and hated, in equal parts — that’s your guy, the thug-winner.”

2013, and we still have Quota System

It’s been more than 60 years since Pakistan’s independence, yet we struggle with dealing (let alone resolving) some of the fundamental issues that hamper our progress, eg Feudalism, Quota system, racism, illiteracy, injustice, lack of healthy food and health facilities and shelter for living.

Quota system in Pakistani law is the root cause of Racism in the country, which has resulted in widespread economic disparity, thus hate.

I was startled to hear this, on SamaTV, earlier today (Mar 2013). I thought quota system was a thing of history, what we faced in college/university admissions, but the guest said that there has been hiring in the Police department, also referred KMC/KBCA, using quota system, denying deserving candidates on merit. I don’t know how many institutions are corrupted like that, but since it’s a law, it applies to every government institutions.

The original 1973 constitution had fixed a period of 10 years for the job quota for the provinces, but the governments in the 1980s and 1990s enhanced it to 40 years which were to expire on Aug 13, 2012. Check this, last year (2012) Law Ministry got approval for the extension of Quota System in Sindh for the next 20 years.

Take an example of CSS (Central Superior Service of Pakistan), where only 10% of posts are reserved on merit (1). I still can’t believe that! 90% of our bureaucrats are recruited through lowering the selection criteria, while other more intelligent Pakistanis are denied to serve the nation? And you wonder what’s wrong in our governance, why there’s so much inefficiency and corruption? We are doing irreparable damage, by putting Quota system in any institution.  

According to the current recruitment policy listed at the Central Superior Service of Pakistan website, only 10% of posts are reserved for merit.

FPSC (Federal Public Services Commission) allocates jobs in civil services institutions (every govt. organization, WAPDA, EOBI, Steel Mills, Railways, FBR, Excise & Taxation, Water board, Defence, Finance, SBP, including Police) on the basis of merit and provincial or regional quotas. As per their rule, they are:

Merit                                                                                                               7.5 %
Punjab (including the Islamabad Capital Area)                                           50%
Sindh Rural                                                                                                   11.4%
Sindh Urban                                                                                                  7.6%
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa                                                                               11.5%
Balochistan                                                                                                    6%
Gilgit-Baltistan and FATA                                                                        4%
Azad Jammu and Kashmir                                                                      2%

The passing percentage of the candidates in the written examination of CSS was 30% in 2002. In 2013 that figure has plummeted to a barely believable 2.09%. If you amass inefficient people in bureaucracy, how would you attract bright minds in such places then ?

If we inject inefficiency into institutions, how can we expect efficiency as the outcome ?

Do we need a scholar to tell us, what happens, when merit is killed. Do we need someone else to explain, what’s going on around us today, as it breeds a whole lot of issues in our society, viz. injustice, economic disparity, nepotism, inefficiency, corruption, bribery, feelings of deprivation, unemployment for skilled resources, resulting in hatred, fighting, killing and chaos! Don’t you see how many people leave country, to get fairer chance in education, job, services, etc. So much so, these issues have become so complex, we consider them incorrigible.

Quota for a time being is ok for greater educational access for the underprivileged, but it shouldn’t be renewed for 20 more years after being used for past 60 years. But it’s effectively discrimination, if used for job/hiring and you know discrimination is prohibited in Islam, may it be on the basis of race, color, family, land, or ethnicity. You cannot favor one over other.

Quota system has been declared un-islamic by Federal Shariat Court and illegal by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

If some sectors are underprivileged, it’s the Govt’s responsibility to provide sufficient opportunities for their services (eg education, jobs, health), instead of resorting to unfair means and compromising on quality, through giving advantage to someone less qualified, over the ones who’s worked hard to earn it. Imagine a doctor hired at a Govt. hospital on lesser grades (based on quota), how will he/she treats the patient ? And then we wonder why Doctors aren’t respected anymore, unlike the way our culture treats this profession sacredly.

Quota clearly deteriorate the quality of service and causes hatred among deprived parties. It’s time we abolish such policies and promote hard work and equal opportunity. And we can very well improve our society as a whole. You know, when a small Pakistani businessman understands it and never compromises on quality of service, why can’t we do it as a nation as well.

Quota system is unconstitutional, unethical, and unIslamic.

Let’s appreciate, share and demand ‘MERIT’ and bring back harmony and progress in our society.