Healthcare System in the era of Capitalism

Listen to find how the capitalism, virtually destroyed the foundations of healthcare system, where everything is dependant on the bottom-line(profit). As usual, some of experts, with conscience, comes forward and enlightens the world.


Oxford Union Debate “Islam Is A Peaceful Religion”

Founded in 1823 and described as ‘the last bastion of free speech’, the Oxford Union is the most famous debating society in the world. On the 23rd May 2013, the Oxford Union held a debate entitled ‘The House Believes Islam is a Religion of Peace’ between three speakers arguing for the motion, and three speakers arguing against the motion, which is now published on YouTube. Don’t forget to listen to Mehdi Hasan, the reason this debate became so popular.

MOTION: “This House Believes that Islam is a Religion of Peace.”

1. MATTHEW HANDLEY, Student from St Hugh’s College, Oxford (for motion):

2. ANNE-MARIE WATERS –  A prominent journalist and campaigner, and is a member of the Labour Party (against motion):

3. ADAM DEEN – Muslim Speaker and Debater (for motion):

4. DANIEL JOHNSTON – journalist and editor of magazine Standpoint (against motion):

5. MEHDI HASAN –  Britain’s most prominent Muslim journalist. Political editor of the Huffington Post (for motion):

(most popular in this debate):

6. PETER ATKINS is former Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford and now a fellow of Lincoln College (against motion):

The debate ended with a victory for the motion, and a defeat for the Islamophobic side. 

It is said that, “When truth is hurled against falsehood, falsehood perishes, for falsehood by its nature is bound to   perish” – Quran.  Suppression or ignoring the truth, would only lead to more converts in UK and Europe, as you see now-a-days. Nobody believes in what the mainstream media presents, if it is not based on truth or lacks any logical sense.

I have started to notice that it is not much of a debater’s skills, but rather Islam itself is fairly easy to defend, when you know the facts and figures. If you are interested to have factual information about Islam, from unbiased sources, below are ones I would recommend on this topic. Or you can visit and read about Dr. Zakir Naik or listen to his videos on YouTube etc.:

1. en_Islam_and_Terrorism


3. FAQ about Islam: